About us

“Shvidi Wine” company offers wine and alcoholic beverage producers various auxiliary materials, production equipment and inventory. Also, the company provides the customer with qualified service packages and technological consultation. “Shvidi Wine” is a sub-brand of “Shvidi” company, which has been in the food ingredients business on the Georgian market for 25 years. The import of ingredients for wine and alcoholic beverages soon became one of the main directions of our company.

In 2001, in terms of auxiliary materials for wine, our company started a partnership with the French brand – IOC (Champagne Enology), which to this day supplies wine enterprises and wineries in Georgia with the necessary materials and inventory. “Shvidi Wine” has repeatedly conducted seminars and master classes with French specialists in the field of technological schemes of relevant products.

In 2007, the Czech company Hobra Skolnik became our partner, which produces high-quality filters, auxiliary agents and filtration equipment.

In 2008, we started importing oak barrels and corks. In this direction, we are partnering with French companies – Tonnelerie de Jarnac and RTM Agro.

In 2011, we started a partnership with the French company Lallemand, which is the leader of microbiological auxiliary materials (yeasts, enzymes, bacteria) in the world market. Lallemand’s products soon found a foothold in Georgia and made a significant contribution to the development of Georgian wine quality.

In 2012, we started working on wine production facilities, both in the direction of industrial and amateur winemaking. Our partners are Italian companies: Fratelli Marchisio, Ferrari Group, Spagni and others.

In the same year, the company was involved in various international projects in terms of technical design and assembly-installation of the wine cellar.

In 2014, we started working with the Italian company Valvoinox (taps, adapters, fittings), which completes the company’s assortment with necessary production small items. During these years, our company, with the help of international partners, organizes technical wine production tours in European countries (Italy, France, Czech Republic), in which Georgian wine specialists and industry experts participate. Also, we actively participate in exhibitions, where we present the products and various services of partner companies.

Since 2015, officially, on the basis of “Shvidi” winery, we have been creating an independent sub-brand “Shvidi Wine”.

Since 2016, the company has undergone reorganization and continues to operate in the field of Georgian winemaking with new approaches. More attention is paid to the expansion of the assortment, for this purpose new companies are added to the list of our partners.

In 2016-2017, we started cooperation with Italian companies IPL, Rover, Prospero International, Stellin and enrich our products with labeling machines, oenological pipes, pumps/filters and other equipment.

In 2018, we are joined by such companies as: CMA (Italy, grape processing equipment), Antonio Almeida (Portugal, wine stoppers), Caropack (Italy, wine storage containers).

In 2019, we actively start cooperation with Bulgarian and Ukrainian companies: TMINOX (wine vessels) and Alambik (birch cellars).

In 2020, we started a partnership with one of the leading Italian companies ICS in the direction of grape and fruit boxes, plastic dishes; In addition to international partners, “Shvidi Wine” cooperates with various Georgian companies that are trying to produce similar products in Georgia. Promotion of Georgian production in the direction of winemaking inventory is one of the priorities of the company.

From 2021, the Kutaisi branch of “Shvidi Wines” (9 April St. 3) will be operating, which supplies the wine producers of Western Georgia with the necessary materials and helps them with technological consulting.

From the summer of 2022, the company’s central office has changed its location: Tbilisi, Avsavsadeni st. 20. The renovated and much larger showroom opens up new opportunities and strengthens the motivation of our team.

“Shvidi Wine” company has always been in the vanguard of Georgian winemaking. The company, in this specific segment, is a leader in product diversification and variety.